About Giant Wheel

Today, there are many teaching institutes that all do their best in their own valued ways, but Giant Wheel The Animation Ride stands out by going to the base of our educational system.

The creative class we are training today will be the problem solvers and visionaries of tomorrow. The computer education that we offer gives you a chance to develop your talent and acquire skills sought by the creative marketplace. Whether you want to explore innovative ideas you have never tried or enrich your existing skills, Giant Wheel has a program for you!

A program that is invaluable in every child’s computer educational development and to all parents and teachers who desire excellence for their children.

The Giant Wheel computer training program has meticulously prepared a curriculum to meet the needs of students of every grade. Each training course has an accompanying practical activity that aims at consolidating the understanding of the various topics introduced during the computer training program. There are numerous practice-oriented activities to enable the students to acquire skills from basic computers to programming languages.

The curriculum offers an outstanding foundation for computer education that will finally prepare children for the requirements they will face when they go higher. The training courses eventually strive to make the child’s computer education fruitful and enjoyable.

The Giant Wheel Academy

  • Highly trained professional teachers with international experience.
  • Classes are interactive, with an educator monitoring the entire class.
  • The method is divided into three moments: Interactivity, Handout, and Evaluation.
  • The student can start the class immediately after enrollment, as it is not necessary to form a batch.
  • Customization of the day and times of classes is possible.
  • Formative assessment.

Essential features of Giant Wheel Academy

  • Simple language that makes learning easy
  • Clear and colorful illustrations that elicit the interest of the students.
  • Up to date information to ensure that pupils are not left out in the ever-changing world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  • Basic computer skills and concepts to facilitate computer training.
  • Review questions and answers on practical training to ensure proper understanding of computer training.

Our Mission

The vision of the Academy is to emerge as a global media training hub that emphasizes on producing well rounded individuals for Visual Media and Digital Market.

The mission of the Academy is to impart quality education to our students through endorsed curriculum and innovate training methodologies that enable them to contribute towards a growing industry. Technology is communication and we make sure that YOU have something meaningful to say…

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