School Curriculum

Quick Start (Grade 1st)

Let your child enter the amazing world of Computers with digital alphabets, Numbers, Digital Page Coloring, and Sound Effects & Animation.

Student Learns:

  • Memory activities that are fun to play and at the same time learn sounds, images, letters and numbers.
  • Activities that train the child to use the mouse and keyboard.
  • Coloring digitally
  • Memory Games

Head Start (Grade-2nd)

Let your child enter the amazing world of Computers with digital alphabets, Numbers, Digital Page Coloring, and Sound Effects & Animation.

Student Learns:

  • Digital Painting/ Canvas Painting/ Making a Greeting Card
  • Playing With Numbers/ Mastering the Calculation in Arcade style Game play
  • Learn the traditional way of of typing with the most advanced technology of recent times
  • Freehand shapes/ Spray paint/ Use text in your drawings/Flip and stretch pictures Professional
  • Typing techniques /Mathematical operations/ Concept of Two-Dimensional physics

Jump Start (Grade 2nd)

Let your child explore the amazing world of Computers in a more creative and fun way. Enable your Child to Explore their creativity from within. Learn to Make Web-based Banner ads, Web Buttons, Web Headers, Professional Banners, Buttons, Graphics, Animated Gifs Logos, Image Ads and other Web Graphics, Convert Photographs into Cartoons

Student Learns:

  • Web-based banner ads, web buttons, web headers
  • Create professional banners, buttons, and graphics
  • Animated gifs logos, image ads and other web graphics.
  • Converts photographs into cartoons
  • Make Caricatures of own Photographs
  • Making of Comic Book Pages, Playing with Props
  • Photo Manipulation

Vector World (Grade-4th)

Get into the Making of Brochures,Cd Cover, Web site page layout, Magazine cover Page,T-shirt Prints, Visiting card, Letter head, Typography, Product packaging and More..

Student Learns:

  • Using the Tools Palette
  • Color Management
  • Image Color Modes
  • Vector vs. Bitmap
  • Customizing the Page Layout
  • Working with Guidelines and the Snap to options
  • Layers and the Object Manager

Photo Graphics(Grade-3rd)

Get Inside the Magic of Photographs ,Events & Exhibition Stalls, Banners, Flyers, Paper Advertisement,Pamphlet Designing, Digital Painting and much much more….

Student Learns:

  • Adjust colours, and Use the Image Mode function,
  • Managing layers and layer effects,
  • Work with channels and masks,
  • Work with filters, Use Noise and Lighting Effects filters,
  • Optimize images for the Web, Use Transparency,
  • Create Web effects and assign variables.
  • Understand the basic tools and palettes that comprise the Photoshop screen,
  • Working with selections, Working with images, Working with layers in an image
  • Saving images in various formats,
  • Perform various functions with colours,
  • Use the painting and retouching tools,
  • Adjust and retouch images,
  • Apply selection properties,
  • Transform selections and images,

Designer Pro(Junior) (Grade-4th)

This is a powerful and easy to use graphics and document creation program,that enables to produce everything from top quality web graphics and websites to highly detailed illustrations and multi-page documents for print and PDF output.

Student Learns:

  • Advance Image Retouching
  • Making Realistic 3D Objects
  • Making Glossy text
  • Making Cartoons
  • Designing a Webpage Template
  • Making An Alarm Clock
  • Designing An Abstract Interlocking Rings
  • Making a Commercial Product.
  • 3D Shiny Round Buttons
  • Painting, Masking, Feather
  • Creating Astonishing Animation
  • Floral Designing

Graphic Design (Grade 5th Onwards)

Extensive Knowledge in the field of Jewellery Designing, Interior Designing, Logo Designing, Print Graphics, Product Designing & Packaging, Photography, Visually and Creatively.

Student Learns:

  • Jewellery Designing:
    Making of Bracelets, Chain Necklaces, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings.
  • Interior Designing:
    Importing of an Auto Cad image, designing a floor plan, texture details, tiles mosaic, Home furnishing Details.
  • Logo Designing:
    Tracing, Understanding of placements and dimensions, Color schemes, Designing details.
  • Print Graphics:
    Brochure designing, Cd covers, designing of a business card, Letter head, Digital Posters, Wallpapers, Web Page layout designing.
  • Product Designing & Packaging:
    Making of commercials products. (Cosmetics, Perfume bottle etc.)
  • Photography:
    Photograph Manipulations, Compositing, Paper Advertisement, Color Theory, Photograph Restoration.
  • Adding The 3rd Dimension:
    Modeling of 3d objects, Making an I-pod, making a pencil, Pocket Watch, paperclips, elastic bands, Envelope, Making a coin, Making a 3D Book.

Video Editing Junior (Grade 5th Onwards)

This Program Teaches the students the essentials of storyboard and timeline- oriented editing. It’s a video capture/processing utility, streamlined for fast linear operations over video. The simplicity & Efficiency of this program enables the students to capture and encode video footage it is designed to process Linear Video Streams, including Filtering & Compression

Student Learns:

  • Removing unwanted or unnecessary footage from a video
  • Assembling together different footages in a single video.
  • Making an Audio/ Video Presentation
  • Syncing Audio with Video
  • Image Animation
  • Editing your own Videos
  • Adding Graphics /Intermediate Effect Controls
  • Making a DVD
  • Editing a Movie/Mixing Videos/Mixing Audios/Text Animation
  • Adding Special Effects to Videos
  • Adding Special Effects to Texts

3D World (Grade 6th Onwards)

Master the Techniques of Powerful 3D Modeling, Animation, and Light Realistic Characters and Environments, Interior Designing, Architectural Animations (walkthrough),Background for Games & Special Effects.

Student Learns:

  • Exploring and Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences
  • Creating and Editing Primitive Objects, Selecting Objects, Setting Object Properties,
  • Transforming Objects-Translate, Rotate, and Scale
  • Cloning Objects and Creating Object Arrays
  • Grouping and Linking Objects
  • Introducing Modifiers and Using the Modifier Stack
  • Modeling with Polygons
  • Exploring the Material Editor
  • Working with Advanced Lighting, Light Tracing
  • Adding and Styling Hair, Fur, and Cloth
  • Understanding Animation and Keyframes
  • Creating and Animating Biped
  • Animating a 3d Character

Video Editing (Expert) (Grade 6th Onwards)

Learn Audio & Video editing, Adding Transitions, Video effects, Make audio/ Video presentation, Sync audio with Video, Image Animation, Composition, Green/Blue Screen removal, Text Animation Adding Special Effects to Videos and text.

Student Learns

Audio Editing
Learn to Edit Audio which includes Adding, Removing & Replacing Audio, and Syncing Audio with the given Video Footages

Image Animation
Line up of pictures with Transitions & Effects

Video Editing
Making of Video Presentation

Adding Effects
Editing your own Videos, Adding Graphics /Intermediate Effect Controls

Text Animation
Adding Special Effects to Texts, Mixing Videos/Mixing Audios along with Text

Adjusting the Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation of Videos

Color Correction
Adjusting the levels of RGB

Removal of Green/Blue Screen for Composition

  • Working with Advanced Lighting, Light Tracing
  • Adding and Styling Hair, Fur, and Cloth
  • Understanding Animation and Keyframes
  • Creating and Animating Biped
  • Animating a 3d Character
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