By Introducing Giant Wheel Computer Training Program into the School System would be, a Revolution in itself. School will be the pioneer in the foundation of Graphics, Programming, and Animation in the Curriculum. School would be taking education system to a completely new level by exploring new horizons. Giant Wheel assures, the School would be exceptionally proud to see the remarkable changes in the academic growth of their students.

We have successfully trained more 10,000 students from the leading schools of Mumbai, thereby Improving the Academic Growth of students as well.

To name a few we have Successfully Trained the Students of :

Rajhans Vidyalaya

Principal Mrs Deepshikha Srivastava

“Every child is special some may be good in Academics, some good at Sports, or some may be good Creatively

Rajhans Vidyalaya being CBSE School emphases on Extra Curricular Activity as it helps students to bring out the best in them and take education system to a completely new level by exploring new horizons, thereby encouraging the student’s growth in every aspect of life.

By Collaborating with Giant Wheel is a great idea. Giant Wheel being an international firm gives our students the opportunity to know about the on goings in the global sector in the field of 3D Animation. Students now will have the privilege of learning 3D Animation at an international level in the School premises itself. 3D Animation in Schools enhances Creativity and increases the Concentration at the grass root level itself”.

Rims International School

Ceo, Reshma Hawa,

I think that today’s children are very comfortable with technology and with the right inputs that Giant Wheel is providing to our students, it’s tremendously enhancing their skills to the core.

RIMS students have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions at Giant Wheel and happily attend the classes even on a Sunday. We have always received positive feedbacks from parents on how well their children are learning and how beneficial these classes are.

As an Institute, Giant Wheel is like an extended family to RIMS. Infact we all are very happy for making Giant Wheel a part of our Family.

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