Rekha Malhotra


Rekha Malhotra is the founder of Giant Wheel The Animation Ride, India. She is a teacher, a publisher, an internationally acclaimed author, and a prolific speaker on computer learning. She is a popular name when it comes to writing school computer textbooks.
She has authored several books in India. Her earlier books have broken all records of popularity by selling a huge number of books in India alone. Being a Business Management student with a degree in Advertising, Fashion Design, and Computer Science gives her the immense expertise needed to pursue her imagination in various fields.
Some of the books she authored are; the Train the Brain Junior Series, printed in five volumes, and the Train the Brain RGB series printed in three volumes, specifically written to introduce and instruct pupils in primary schools about the elements of computer education and training.
After 20 years of her hard-earned teaching experience, Rekha Malhotra launched another brainchild, “Giant Wheel Education”. It is a series of School Computer Textbooks, a world-class learning system that includes printable books, software with multiple features, video tutorials of each chapter, teacher manuals with answer keys, worksheets and so much more!

The whole series has been one of the preferred academic book options in no time. The feedback revealed a growing demand for the book series. The strength and the unique point of the book is its content that meets the requirements of most schools globally with realistic hands-on experience and plenty of innovative ideas. The book is mapped with a curriculum best suited for school children with added features like 2D, 3D Designing, and Coding!
This book provides a set of guidelines for schools, describing what the students ought to know and do in order to use technology effectively for learning and preparing for higher education. Such methods reflect practical, feasible operations, according to the existing standards of the educational system.

Rekha Malhotra is currently the head of Giant Wheel The Animation Ride and Giant Wheel Education Mumbai, India.

Our Team

The quality of the Giant Wheel management team is one of the best predictors of success Our Instructors are. Highly trained professionals with international experience.

Faculties with massive experience in training and tremendous knowledge of the software have come together to nurture and stimulate creativity in young minds. Every student would get personal attention from our professional experts. Professionals from the industry would pay a visit to educate the students about the upcoming developments. We strongly believe that all our students willing to make the commitment have the ability in them. We are committed to hiring a Faculty of distinguished professionals to help our students become professionals.

Our instructors will ensure you graduate with the versatility to move between pencil and mouse!

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